♥ Fit in den Herbst, mit Outdoor Fitness & Faszientraining ♥

I was born in 1978 in Heilbronn and left Germany with the age of 2 years spending most of my childhood in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Turkey. So due to cultural and climatic conditions I grew up mostly outdoor and until today I can feel that bond between nature and my well-being. Returning to Germany I graduated high school and entered college. In 2002 I completed my business education in economics as Diplom Betriebswirtin (FH) at University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden. During my course of studies International Business Administration I had spent a further year in European countries, that is San Sebastián (Spain) and London (UK).

With the beginning of my professional career I was directly entering the banking sector of Frankfurt. With time passing by I was facing growing operational areas and responsibilities, finally ending up as department head of a considerable investment banking house. Surely by that point I understood the importance of regular physical training on my personal condition, since raising stress and workload had a direct impact on my size and need for balance. Therefore during the 10 years of my banking career I spent increasing time on my mountain bike or with my running shoes in nature.

In 2010 I had the idea to make a living out of my personal interests for the first time. After my active time as artistic gymnast I had obtained my first trainer license with the age of 16 and had already started a coaching career at "Turnverein 1883 Hattersheim" by then. Thus I further invested in my education, added significant licenses in the nutrition, fitness and the physical health area and simultaneously enhanced my new coaching business as a secondary profession. Quickly the demand was high enough to risk the new step into self-employment.

Today I am working as consultant and speaker for Fitness & Physical Health, Nutrition, Stress-Management and Mental Performance in major corporations, as well as Personal Health Coach on an individual client basis, trainer for Pilates, Facial and Cardio Fitness and also as freelance expert with own health programmes at home and abroad. Getting people happily into motion is the heart of my work, activating and strengthening your health resources should come rather easily then!

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